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City Partners With Waze To Help Denton Drivers Navigate Traffic

2/25/2019 12:00:00 AM

Whether you are traveling for work or fun, traffic and construction can make navigating through Denton difficult. The City partnered with Waze through the Connected Citizens Program to help keep drivers informed of traffic conditions and help them get where they want to go faster and easier.


The City of Denton has announced a data-sharing partnership with Waze (www.waze.com), the everyday driving platform that allows drivers to outsmart traffic. Designed as a free, two-way data share of publicly available traffic information, the Connected Citizens Program promotes greater efficiency, deeper insights, and safer roads for Denton residents.
“The City of Denton is working hard every day to make sure that our residents are informed about ongoing construction projects and how to best navigate across Denton,” said Mayor Chris Watts. “The Connected Citizen Program through Waze is an easy and free way to keep citizens in the loop about construction and closures to make their commutes smoother.”
“Together, with the City of Denton, we’re excited to collaborate and align efforts to give people better commutes,” said Thais Blumenthal de Moraes, global business development lead, Connected Citizens Program at Waze. “The Waze map evolves with every driver and data point added so through this effort, we’re improving mobility on a local level.”
The Waze app allows residents and community members to stay informed of the latest road closures, navigate around any traffic congestion, and share real-time traffic and road information. Users of Waze are notified with real-time alerts from the app that warn them of unforeseen delays or obstacles like accidents or downed signal lights and then provides alternate routes to get users to their destination in a timely manner.
In exchange for an unprecedented look at user submitted, real-time road activity, the City provides immediate government reported construction and road closure data to Waze to return one of the most thorough overviews of current road conditions available. In addition to an integration with Apple CarPlay, meaning drivers can easily access the app and a suite of Waze features directly from the car console, Denton drivers can also take advantage of Waze’s Roadside Assistance features during emergency situations and be connected with police, ambulances or the fire department without leaving the app.
To find out more about Connected Citizens, visit http://waze.com/ccp. To download the free Waze app for iOS or Android, visit http://www.waze.com/get.

 Visit www.cityofdenton.com for more news and to stay updated.
About Waze
Waze is where people and technology meet to solve transportation challenges. It's a platform that empowers communities to contribute road data, edit Waze maps, and carpool to improve the way we move about the world. Thanks to Wazers everywhere, Waze is able to partner with municipalities and transit authorities to reduce traffic and congestion—leveraging current infrastructure while impacting city planning.
A world with better transportation doesn't have to be in the distant future. By harnessing the power of community to reverse negative trends in transportation, Waze can create a world where traffic is history.


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