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City Council elections are generally held each May. The City of Denton may also conduct elections on local matters each November. Denton County administers elections for the City, and you may find additional information about elections and voting at www.votedenton.com.

The City of Denton will be holding an election on May 5 for the purpose of electing council members to Places 5 and 6 and a Mayor to Place 7.

Who are the candidates in the City Council Election?

General Election City of Denton
Councilmember, Place 5
  • Aaron “Fuzzy” Newquist
  • Jodi Vicars-Nance
  • Deb Armintor
  • Bernard J. Vokoun
Councilmember, Place 6
  • Bryan Menelas
  • Paul Meltzer
  • Frank Dudowicz
Mayor, Place 7
  • Chris Watts
  • Neil L. Durrance
Qualified voters in this election will be able to vote for all three Council positions as this is an at-large election.

How do I register to vote?
Voter registration is done through Denton County Elections Administration. Go to Voter Registration to learn more.

The last day to register to vote for this election is April 5.

What district am I in?
Look up your voter district here.

For additional elections information, including voter registration, voter ID requirements, and precinct information, please visit the Denton County Elections website at www.votedenton.com.

Where do I vote early for the May 5, 2018 City Council Election?
Early Voting for the May 5 City Council election will be held April 23 – May 1.

Check here later for early voting locations and times.

Where do I vote on Election Day for the May 5, 2018 City Council Election?
Click here for polling locations.

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