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Highlight News Reel

Learn, at a glance, what's new and exciting in our parks and recreation world! From athletic news to urban forestry, we'll cover a little bit of everything. Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter if you want this delivered straight to your inbox! 

  • Master Plan Overview
    The Purpose of the Plan

    The purpose of the plan is to serve as a road map for long-range priorities relative to existing and future parks, trails, recreation facilities, programs, operations, preservation, maintenance, and funding.The current Parks, Recreation, and Trails Master Plan was adopted in 2001 and updated in 2009.

    The Need for the Plan

    Changes in the City’s Strategic Plan, community growth, development, and demographic trends, and emerging industry changes are some of the many reasons that make it necessary to revisit the needs of the community and redevelop the master plan. In addition to changes within the community, there is a need to revisit sustainability and maintenance management and approaches for aging inventory.

    The Process of the Plan

    Community engagement and public input are essential to the planning process and represent one of the three phases that will help us develop the plan. Together, we'll identify our current State of Play and engage the community to explore needs and priorities.

    Thereafter, we'll apply the data to establish plans and priorities that envision the next 10 to 20 years and present them to the Parks, Recreation, and Beautification Board and City Council for consideration and approval to begin implementation.

    The Previous Plan

    Adopted in 2001 and last updated in 2009. Explore more below or review the entire 2009 Parks, Recreation, and Trails System Master Plan here.

  • Planning the Future of Parks

    Denton Parks, Recreation, and Trails Master Plan
    In November, staff began collecting data so we have a base of information to start the planning process. Staff selected 15+ consultants and industry association experts to assess and evaluate certain assets and services including, but not limited to, aquatics capital, recreation centers, forestry, trails, playgrounds, skate parks, mountain biking, athletics, maintenance, tennis, and more.

    As part of the planning process, we've initiated the development of several mini-plans to later supplement the full Master Plan.

    Outdoor Sign Plan
    In December, Assistant City Manager Mario Canizares delegated the development of a new outdoor sign plan to Parks and Recreation. The purpose of the plan is to unify sign design and fabrication for various facilities including City Hall, Parks and Recreation facilities, and maintenance centers. We're executing this plan in tandem with the development of a park signage plan.

    Urban Forest Master Plan
    Urban Forester Haywood Morgan hosted a kick-off meeting for the Urban Forest Master Plan on April 4 with the help of KDB, Streets, Engineering, Environmental Services, and more.

    Integrated Pest Management Plan
    The Texas Organic Research Center helped create a plan for 100% organic maintenance that City Council recently approved.

    Strategic Plan
    Staff have been working together to implement the new PARD Strategic Plan that rolls up and parallels the City's Strategic Plan. This new plan is based on the new brand that supports a Unite, Grow, Play mission and initiative.

  • Tree Mitigation

    Tree Mitigation
    The Tree Mitigation Fund is used to purchase, plant, and maintain trees on public property, to preserve wooded property that remains in a naturalistic state in perpetuity, to perform and maintain a city-wide tree inventory, and to educate citizens and developers on the benefits and value of trees.

    Tree Resources: Fannin Tree Farm, Texas A&M Forest Service, and University of Florida IFAS Extension

    Parks and Median Tree Planting Species
    Autumn Blaze Maple
    Burr Oak
    Cedar Elm
    Chinese Pistache
    Chinkapin Oak
    Live Oak
    Pond Cypress
    Shumard Red Oak
    Southern Magnolia

  • Playground Updates
    The Playground Replacement Plan outlines play structure replacements and anticipated costs for the next 15+ years. A Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) was approved to replace the play structure at MLK Jr. Rec Center and an application was submitted for unallocated CDBG funds to help replace one of the three play structures at Quakertown Park.

    Currently, Denia play structures are being replaced with an expected completion mid-spring 2019. Milam Park and Fred Moore Park playground structures have been installed and are currently open. 
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Neighborhood Fishin'
    Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) and Denton Parks and Rec offer Neighborhood Fishin' at the south pond in South Lakes Park, located at 556 Hobson Ln. The Neighborhood Fishin' program offers a quality fishing experience to urban families who want to enjoy the outdoors in their own communities. TPWD works with local governments to stock neighborhood lakes with fish that are fun and easy to catch. Click here for stocking details and a schedule.

    Fishing Regulations

    • Participants, age 17+, must have a valid fishing license with a freshwater stamp. 16 and under fish for free. Click here to find a location where licenses are sold.
    • Fish with pole and line only.
    • No more than two fishing poles per person.

    Bag Size and Limits

    • Five per day for channel catfish or rainbow trout.
    • No minimum length.
    • For limits on other species, see the Outdoor Annual.

    What to Fish

    Stocking of channel catfish begins the third week in April and continues through summer into fall. Fish are stocked approximately every two weeks, except in August. Catfish are attracted to strong-smelling baits. Try using nightcrawlers, chicken livers, shrimp, stinkbait, or cut hot dogs.

    Rainbow trout prefer cold water. In most parts of Texas, they can survive only in winter. Trout stocking begins in December and continues every two weeks until early March. Cheese, kernel corn, nightcrawlers, red wigglers, and meal worms make good trout baits. For lures, try a small inline spinnerbait or a spoon.
  • Denton Park Memorial Program

    A park memorial offers donors the opportunity to purchase a bench, tree, brick, or picket in honor of a loved one and allow their memory to live on in an act of service or enhancement to City parks.

    To submit a memorial request, contact Denton Parks and Rec at (940) 349-7275. Our goal is to assist you with your request by reviewing options, location, installation, payment, and dedication.