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DCTA Rail Trail

DCTA A-Train Rail Trail

The A-train Rail Trail runs alongside DCTA’s commuter rail line and was designed to complement its surroundings and adjacent facilities. The 19-mile trail is part of the agency's ongoing efforts to provide safe, customer-focused and efficient mobility solutions to Denton County. It connects existing transit facilities with key destinations within DCTA's member cities – Denton, Lewisville and Highland Village - and surrounding areas.

A-train Rail Trail Map

Parking and Rail Trail Access​:
Access to the rail trail is available from DCTA's five A-train stations (from north to south):

Quick Snapshot of the A-train Rail Trail
  • Length of Trail: The entire trail is approximately 19 miles and connects from the DDTC and all the way to the Hebron station in Lewisville.
  • Pocket Guide/Map: Click here to download the A-train Rail Trail pocket guide.
  • Z Crossing Fencing: Z crossing fencing for the safety of cyclists, riders and all those who use the rail trail. The purpose of the z crossing fences that were installed is to get cyclists to dismount, look both ways and walk their bikes across the rail tracks. This is a recommended safety feature by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). DCTA plans to install more z crossing fences at specific crossings and will continue to keep all rider feedback received about the fencing design for consideration in future installations. In addition, DCTA plans to install reflective surfaces on the fencing to help with visibility.