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Denton Energy Center

The Denton Energy Center (DEC) is a 225-megawatt, quick-start, natural gas power plant. Set on 300 acres inside the Denton city limits, the DEC is located on property adjacent to the Denton Enterprise Airport and is in close proximity to a natural gas pipeline and power transmission lines. The DEC footprint is approximately eight acres, including the newly rebuilt and energized Jim Christal substation. Inside the DEC, there are two engine halls, each with six 18.75-megawatt engines.


Timeline of Construction

  • Six engines moved into South Engine Hall – Sept. 15, 2017 (completed)
  • Six North Hall engines arrive in Denton – Sept. 30, 2017 (completed)
  • Six engines moved into North Engine Hall – Oct. 10, 2017 (completed)
  • Engine substantial completion (auxiliary systems) – March 23, 2018 (on schedule)
  • Start-up and commissioning – balance of plant – Jan. 2018 (ahead of schedule)
  • Start-up and commissioning preliminary engine testing – mid Spring 2018 (ahead of schedule)
  • Engine reliability tests – Spring 2018
  • Air emissions test – Summer 2018
  • Commercial operation of plant COP (generating power) – July 2018