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Improved energy efficiency can reduce your energy consumption and lower your monthly bill. Efficiency rebates are available to help DME customers with homes, facilities, and properties in Denton reduce their energy use. 

Rebate funds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis starting Oct. 1 of each year until available funds are exhausted. 

As of Jan. 2020, the remaining balance of existing rebate funds are:

  • Energy Efficiency Rebate: $169,000
Programs and incentives are only available to City of Denton customers who receive DME service.

In Fiscal Year 19-20 $500,000 was approved for solar rebates. The program was successful and funds for this year have all been allocated. Applications submitted between now and Sept. 30, 2020 will not receive a rebate.


  • Free In-Home Energy Audits
    Want to lower your electric usage but don’t know where to start?

    A certified energy auditor will utilize diagnostic tools to reveal thermal flaws in your home. Participants receive a detailed report, including prioritized recommendations for improving energy efficiency. Types of diagnostic tools used include:
    • Blower Door Test: Auditors use blower door tests to help determine a home's air tightness.
    • Thermal Imaging: A thermal imaging camera, in conjunction with a blower door test can quickly identify thermal flaws in your home's shell.

    Email rebates@cityofdenton.com or call (940) 349-7733 to schedule your free energy audit. 
  • Energy Efficiency Incentives
    The GreenSense Incentive Program rewards customers in good standing who perform qualifying energy-efficiency improvements in their homes or businesses. The program is a great way for residential, retail, and small commercial customers to use energy more efficiently. 

    For more information, download the GreenSense Brochure under "Helpful Resources" on this page, email rebates@cityofdenton.com, or call (940) 349-7733.

    Click the application links below to get started: Click here for a list of registered installers.
  • Solar Installation Incentive
    All single-family and multifamily property owners within DME’s service area are eligible to receive a solar incentive in accordance with the provisions in the Distributed Generation Manual.

    For more information, see the Distributed Generation Manual located under "Helpful Resources" on this page, email solar@cityofdenton.com, or call (940) 349-7595.

    Click here to download the Solar Installation Application.



  • Electricity Safety with Arcing Demo
    Schools and civic organizations interested in learning about electricity and safety can schedule a free arcing demonstration from a DME linemen. During the presentation, DME crew will set up a high-voltage display to explain the dangers of electricity and tips to prevent injuries. The demonstration can be tailored to meet the needs of younger audiences and must be conducted outdoors.

    Call (940) 349-7529 to schedule a free arcing demo.

    Please Note: Unforeseen circumstances effecting the electric grid may cause DME to reshedule demonstrations on short notice.

  • Energy Conservation and Efficiency Presentation
    Schools and civic organizations interested in learning about energy conservation, energy efficiency, and the difference between the two can request a presentation from a DME specialist. This presentation will provide information on how a home works as a system and tips on using electricity as efficient as possible.

    Call (940) 349-7529 to schedule a presentation.
  • Renewable Energy Presentation
    Schools and civic organizations interested in having an introduction to renewable energy can request a presentation from a DME specialist. This presentation will provide information on what renewable energy is, the importance of it, and what DME is doing to be environmentally responsible.

    Call (940) 349-7529 to schedule a presentation.
  • Career Day Events
    Are you interested in what DME employees do from day-to-day? You can request attendance at your career day event from a DME specialist, including lineman, meter technician, energy analyst, and energy auditor, to explain their position and how it impacts DME.

    Schedule a Career Day DME Specialist by calling (940) 349-7529.

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