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Community Improvement Programs

Code Enforcement administers several City programs to address specific property maintenance issues in Denton. For more information about these programs, or to speak with a Code Enforcement Officer, call (940) 349-8743.

  • Minimum Building Standards
    The City has established a set of minimum maintenance standards with which structure must comply.  Minimum building standards include roofs and siding being maintained in good condition, hazard-free parking lots and driveways, painted exterior surfaces, pest control, etc. Every Code Enforcement Officer is trained to find, assess, and address MBS violations as well as to educate and assist property owners in their efforts to correct them. If you have questions or concerns about the maintenance of a structure in the City, please call (940) 349-8743.
  • Dangerous Buildings
    Some buildings become so dilapidated that they are a threat to occupants and the community. These buildings often lead to other problems such as vagrancy and trespassing, criminal activity, graffiti and vandalism, fires, tall grass and weeds, trash, and illegal dumping. The Code Enforcement Dangerous Buildings Officer is specifically trained to find, assess, and address these buildings by coordinating with the property owner and the Building Inspections Division to have the home rehabilitated or demolished and to have the property as a whole brought back into compliance. If you have questions or concerns about the dangerousness of a structure in Denton, please call Officer Heather Dow at (940) 349-7451.
  • Enhanced Right-of-Way Maintenance
    There are many entrances into our city. A large number of them are state roadways, while others are City of Denton roadways. Many of these road rights-of-way have received minimal maintenance in years past for various reasons. Research shows that economic growth hinges on the perceptions held about a community by prospective businesses and industries looking to relocate. These perceptions are based largely on the first impressions formed while travelling through a town or city.

    Code Enforcement was selected to manage the Enhanced Right-of-Way Maintenance Program with the goal of establishing elevated, regular maintenance on the rights-of-way along Denton entranceways, corridors, and thoroughfares. So far, the program has taken over maintenance of 33 road rights-of-way and drainage easements throughout the city by mowing, edging, and weed eating; removing trash, illegal signs, and dead trees; and trimming trees. The program has also helped beautify a few main roads by providing funding to install native plants that use less water and embellish medians.

    Thanks to the Enhanced Right-of-Way Maintenance Program, Denton residents and visitors are greeted by clean, manicured roads and entrance corridors, all of which help Denton grow by improving first impressions and increasing property values. If you have questions or concerns about maintenance along a Denton entryway or thoroughfare, please call Senior Officer Josh Mullen at (940) 349-7455.
  • Interior Rental Inspection
    Due to the large number of rental properties in Denton and an increasing number of complaints from tenants, Code Enforcement performs interior inspections of rental units by request. A  trained and experienced officer addresses all interior tenant complaints. The officer maintains positive relationships with many of the landlords, property managers, and leasing agents throughout Denton to ensure tenants and their families have a safe and clean place to live, and to ensure non-compliant properties are addressed to protect public health and safety. 

    As a part of the Rental Inspection program, Code Enforcement accepts complaints regarding interior apartments or rental homes. These complaints refer to problems inside the building under sections 17-154 thru 17-179 of the Denton Property Maintenance Code (DPMC), and include, but are not limited to, such issues as infestations, damaged walls, mold, leaking sinks/toilets, broken air conditioners or heaters, broken or missing appliances, etc.
    If you have a complaint or would like to request a Rental Inspection, please contact Donnie Denny at (940) 349-7480 or Donnie.Denny@cityofdenton.com.
    Types of Rental Inspection Program Complaints
    Mold Testing
    The City of Denton does not have mold testing capabilities. If a complaint is received for mold, the substance must be visible and present during the Officer’s inspection. The officer will take photos and proceed with Rental Inspection process to notify the owner/manager. Most molds can be eliminated by cleaning the area with a bleach/water mixture and then painted with a stain blocking paint.
    Heating and Air Conditioning
    Every dwelling unit and guest room shall be provided with heating facilities capable of maintaining a room temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit at a point 3’ above the floor and 3’ from the wall(s) in all habitable rooms. If a complaint is about air conditioning, the interior must be able to maintain a maximum inside temperature that is 20 degrees lower than the outside temperature or 81 degrees Fahrenheit, whichever is warmer in each room intended for human occupancy from May 1 thru October 1.
    No Hot Water
    A test is conducted on the temperature of the water coming out of the faucet at every sink, lavatory, bathtub and shower. The temperature at all facilities must be a minimum of 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Sanitary Sewer Blockage
    Upon inspection and determination of a sanitary sewer blockage, the owner/manager is notified immediately and given 24 hours to make the necessary repairs.
    Rodent/Insect Infestation
    Some sign of infestation must be observed (rodent droppings or insects) during the inspection. Upon inspection and determination of the owner/manager is notified of the violation(s) observed and granted a reasonable amount of time to provide extermination services. Owner/manager will provided copies of service records or invoices from the pest control provider. Bed bug complaints are referred to the Health Inspectors of the Building Inspections Division.


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