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Recycling 101

Do what Denton Does - Denton Recycles!

Why does Denton recycle? Recycling helps reduce the need to manufacture paper, plastics, metals, and glass from virgin resources, as well as burning fossil fuels to obtain raw materials for manufacturing. Waste reduction and recycling reduces the amount of harmful greenhouse gas emissions, benefitting both people and the environment.

The following items are all recyclable in Denton:
• Flattened boxboard/cardboard
• Mixed paper
• Aluminum cans and foil
• Plastic #1-7
• Steel cans
• Glass bottles
• Cartons and juice boxes (no pouches)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my recycling actually get recycled?
    Yes! Items from your blue cart are taken to the Pratt Recycling Facility, located at ECO-W.E.R.C.S. Resource Recovery Park, where they are sorted and sold to manufacturers who make them into new products. In fact, from the moment you drop your cardboard or paper into your cart, it is made into a brand new 100-percent recycled cardboard box within two weeks.
  • Why can’t I recycle Styrofoam?

    Polystyrene (commonly called Styrofoam) is a plastic that is puffed full of air, which makes it light and inexpensive to make. This is also the reason that few places recycle it.

  • Should I take the caps off or leave them on my water bottle to recycle them?

    Both the bottle and the caps are recyclable, so leave them on. The best way to be sure they get recycled is to squeeze all of the air out and screw on the cap before tossing them into your blue recycling cart.


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