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Any member of the public is welcome to attend a City-hosted community meeting. Below are ways we invite the public to participate and engage in their local government.


To reduce the spread of COVID-19, community meetings will have a remote format through the video-conferencing interface Zoom. Until further notice, no in-person attendance at community meetings will be permitted.

Examples of these community meetings are City planned construction projects neighborhood meetings, City Mobility Plan feedback sessions, Parks Master Plan meetings, etc. These community meetings do not have statutory requirements and are only informational sessions or to gather feedback from participants.
  • Zoom System Requirements
    Participants can attend a virtual community meeting from anywhere using a compatible computer or mobile device. After receiving the meeting link, review the system requirements for Zoom before joining the meeting.
  • How to Attend a Virtual Community Meeting
    Participants that are interested in attending the virtual meeting must submit an email request with their name, contact number and email address to the hosting City department to receive a meeting link. The departments contact information can be found on the announcement of the virtual community meeting. Residents are encouraged to sign up to attend the virtual meeting at least 24 hours in advance to receive the meeting link.
  • Special Accommodations
    The City will provide select accommodations, such as sign language interpreters for the hearing impaired, if requested at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled meeting. Please email the hosting City department using the contact information provided in the virtual community meeting announcement so accommodation requests can be reviewed and processed.
  • How to Share Feedback During the Virtual Community Meeting
    1. Participants can submit questions or comments to the meeting host during a virtual meeting. Type your question or comment in the Q&A box and click send. Check Send Anonymously if you do not want your name attached to your question in the Q&A. If the host replies via the Q&A, you will see a reply in the Q&A window. The host can answer your question live (out loud). You will see a notification in the Q&A window if the host plans to do this. (see images below). 

    2. Participants can raise their hand during the virtual community meeting to indicate that you need something from the host. The host may direct participants to submit their question using the Q&A feature.
  • How to Leave a Virtual Community Meeting
    Click "leave meeting" to leave the virtual community meeting at any time. 
  • Additional Input Opportunities
    If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to submit a question or share your feedback, contact the hosting City department using the contact information provided in he virtual community meeting announcement.

Participate or request information for a virtual community meeting
Request information from a virtual community meeting using the links below: 2020 Denton Mobility Plan Virtual Community Meetings: 
In an effort to keep our community safe, the second round of 2020 Denton Mobility Plan community meetings will be hosted virtually. Community members are encouraged to attend a community meeting to learn about the final draft plans and provide feedback to finalize the plans. To join a meeting and for more information on the final draft plans follow the links below. 

If you have a question about a virtual community meeting, click here to let us know!