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Fire Station Number 7

Station 7 logoStation Overview

Fire Station 7, located at 4201 Vintage Boulevard, officially opened for service on April 30, 2007. Station 7 sits on the north side of the Fire Department's Training Facility. This station's primary response district covers the southwest areas of the City of Denton, which runs down I-35W from the I-35 split to Denton's southern city limits and surrounding areas.

Station 7 is currently staffed with a minimum of five personnel. These five personnel primarily staff Engine 7 and Medic 7. Additional apparatus located at Station 7 includes one of the Department's brush trucks (Brush 7), a hazardous materials decontamination vehicle and trailer (Decon 7), and the Department's large bomb squad response vehicle (EOD 7).

Some additional functions performed at Station 7 include the Department's Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) maintenance program, Breathing Air Cascade System management, and assistance to any training being conducted at the Fire Training Facility.

Station 7 Houses

  • Engine 7
  • Medic 7
  • Brush 7
  • Hazardous Materials Decontamination Vehicle and Trailer (DECON 7)
  • Bomb Squad Response Vehicle (EOD 7)
  • DFD Training Facility


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