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1. How do I hook up a water or wastewater connection to a structure that does not currently have water or wastewater?
2. What is the Drainage Fee based on?
3. How can I request a review of the rate block or square footage total?
4. Why do I have to pay to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements?
5. Are there discounts for filling my pool?
6. Do I qualify for reduced rates?
7. Should I install new sinks, toilets and shower heads?
8. Where does Denton’s water come from?
9. Is the drinking water safe?
10. Do we have watering restrictions every year, or just during a drought? What are the rules?
11. What are some things I can do to conserve water?
12. If I see a watering violation, how do I report it?
13. Why is my bill so high?
14. I am filling up my swimming pool. What do I need to know?
15. I want to install an irrigation system, what do I need to know?
16. How do I request a water audit?
17. Can I see a copy of the Water Quality Report?
18. Does the Denton Water Utility Department make a profit?
19. I would like a tour of the facilities. Is that possible?
20. I would like someone to speak to my classroom. Who should I contact?
21. Who is responsible for my water leak?
22. Who is responsible for the sewer line?
23. How do I report pollution?
24. If we are supposed to be conserving water, why are city employees opening hydrants and letting water run into the streets?
25. I have a water related emergency, who do I call?
26. How do I report an issues with our system, such as a leak or clog?