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Capital Improvement Program

As Denton grows, the City continues to invest in important infrastructure to maintain and improve mobility, health and safety, and quality of life for residents and visitors. The Denton Capital Improvement Program advances many different projects over a number of years, including voter-approved bond projects; water and wastewater construction projects, and electric system improvements, among others.

General Obligation Bond Programs

The following capital improvement funding was authorized by voters as part of the 2012 and 2014 bond programs:

  • $82,110,000 for street improvements (2012 and 2014)
  • $16,565,000 for public safety facilities (2014)
  • $8,545,000 for stormwater drainage and flood control improvements (2014)
  • $11,355,000 for park system improvements (2014)

In an effort to minimize the impact on the tax rate, the City plans to issue these bonds in increments over a six-year period, with the full amount issued by 2020. Progress on the implementation of the bond program is reported in the City's quarterly financial reports.


  • Denton Energy Center
    DEC Construction Update – Construction on the Denton Energy Center (DEC) is approximately 55 percent complete. Expenditures to date are approximately 52.3 percent of the allocated project funds.
    Hurricane Harvey and the flooding of the greater Houston area has caused a delay in the delivery of the last six remaining engines and generators to Denton.
    The first North Hall generator left Houston on Tuesday, via heavy haul truck and trailer, for the two-day trip to Denton. The remaining generators will depart next week.
    All six North Hall engines have been off-loaded at the Houston port. ETA of engines to Denton is Sept. 21 or 22.
    The estimated equipment schedule impact attributed to Hurricane Harvey is unknown at this time, but could be anywhere from 0 to 10 days.  The potential labor schedule impact due to Hurricane Irma will not be known for several weeks.
    Major Project Accomplishment:
    First assembled engine (engine #7) was placed in the South Engine Hall on Sept. 2. All six engines were in place by Sept. 14. Site is averaging 200-225 daily workers.
    Project Schedule:  
    • South Engine Hall - Enclosed and Dried In - 8/2/17 (Completed ahead of schedule)
    • North Engine Hall - Enclosed and Dried In - 8/2/17 (Completed ahead of schedule)
    • Three Plant Power Transformers arrive in Denton via rail - 8/12/17 (Arrived as scheduled)
    • Six South Hall Engines arrive in Denton via rail - 8/22/17 (Six engines have been trucked to site)
    • Plant Central Control Section - Enclosed and Dried In - 8/25/17 (Completed ahead of schedule)
    • Six Engines moved into South Engine Hall - 9/15/17 (Completed)
    • Six North Hall Engines arrive in Denton - Mid-September (Possible delay)*
    • Six Engines moved into North Engine Hall - 10/6/17 (Probable delay)*
    • Start-up and Commissioning - Balance of plant - Spring 2018*
    • Start-up and Commissioning Preliminary Engine Testing - Late Spring 2018*
    • Commercial Operation of Plant COP (generating power) - During Summer 2018*
    • Engine Reliability Tests - Immediately following COP
    • Air Emissions Test - Ongoing after Preliminary Engine Testing
    *Schedule contingent on the arrival of the last six North Hall engines and generators to Denton.

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