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DME Launches New Customer Dashboard

3/1/2017 12:00:00 AM

All Denton Municipal Electric (DME) customers now have access to their electric account data through the “My DME” dashboard.

DENTON, TX, March 1, 2017 – All Denton Municipal Electric (DME) customers now have access to their electric account data through the “My DME” dashboard. The dashboard, created by PicoTera Systems, is a user-friendly web-based tool designed to make viewing and tracking energy data easier.
The dashboard features monthly, daily, and 15-minute interval data, allowing customers to view graphs of their consumption patterns over time, and also includes a cost estimator tool to provide users a breakdown of the price of their energy consumption. Customers can also download their data, giving them an additional tool to track and manage their energy information.

“We are excited to offer customers detailed information about their usage,” said Phil Williams, General Manager of DME. “Through the My DME dashboard, we are able to give information to customers that allows them to not only see how much energy they are using, but provides them the opportunity to make adjustments in their own home to meet their individual energy needs.”
Through this dashboard, customers are provided with more detailed information than they receive on their monthly bill, the day after the usage occurs. This additional information gives customers an enhanced level of insight into how much energy they are using and the cost of that usage. This additional information provides customers with the tools they need to conserve energy and save money.
Along with tools to understand and improve electric usage patterns, customers are able to record energy efficiency improvements for savings tracking – a feature that is especially useful for customers who have participated in one of the City of Denton’s energy efficiency programs, such as a free in-home energy audit.
DME strives to offer the best services to its customers and will continue to improve the dashboard over time. In the coming months, customers can expect more features to be added, including determining the best rate option for a customer, estimating monthly billing, and providing visualizations of customer behavior changes.
The dashboard is available at MyDME.cityofdenton.com.
Contact: Jessica Rogers, (940) 349-7531, Jessica.Rogers@cityofdenton.com