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BeAlert began as a Leadership Denton project in August 2001.  The class, sponsored by the Denton Chamber of Commerce, focused on developing an emergency preparedness plan that would help businesses recover after a natural or man-made disaster.  Weeks later, New York City was attacked on September 11, 2001. The terrorist incident magnified the importance of emergency planning and preparedness from the most immediate aspects of life safety to the long term recovery of a community.

Today, we are a more vigilant society.  We must consider the complex risk factors of our community while still being aware of day-to day hazards.  The focus is no longer on any one specific area of safety but on LIFE safety. Public health and safety impacts all aspects of our community - as a governmental entity, an economic center, citizens of Denton, and as individuals.  

The City of Denton Fire Department in partnership with Denton Regional Medical Center, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, and the Denton Chamber of Commerce now introduces BeAlert as a comprehensive life safety program with messages crafted specifically for the Denton community. Collective research allows us to identify health and safety risks experienced at the local level. Information and education empowers us to prevent or lessen the effect these hazards have on us. BeAlert’s mission is to build a safe community by targeting local risk factors, promoting a healthy well-being, and increasing the level of preparedness for emergencies and disasters.  
We want to give you the tools and resources you need to be safe, be healthy, be prepared, and BeAlert!!